14 of the most unusual Remembrance Day items and souvenirs

Remembrance Day is still here, a day that commemorates the anniversary of the armistice that marked the end of the First World War in 1918.

The occasion, also known as Poppy Day, also gives people the opportunity to remember all those who died during the war and during the other conflicts that followed it.

Despite the respectful and thoughtful tone, the day hasn’t stopped some brands and companies from selling…shall we say…unusual merchandise and memorabilia to commemorate the occasion.

From giving us the opportunity to wear Poppy Ice Cream War themed flip flops is the way of life our troops fought to preserve (maybe) so here’s a look at eight of the weirdest items that have graced our shops in recent years.

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1. Keepsake thong

A memorial day thong left people in shock when it was first sold by CaféPress in 2015 and it continues to go viral for being utterly tasteless.

Walking around with a cheap piece of cloth that’s going up your ass Most likely gives you the same level of discomfort as, you know, fighting in a war, so it’s a pretty fitting homage.

But in case the company needs a little help moving the stock, here’s some suggested marketing copy.

Souvenir underwear: to remember the troops, while pooping.

You’re welcome.

2. Shot glasses

The same company also sells a range of ‘lest we forget’ shot glasses – which is a way to trick your brain into retaining all the memories on a drunken night out, we suppose.

Interesting all the same to sell a souvenir product centered on the word ‘shot’…

3. Peaky Blinders Badge

Popular crime drama Peaky Blinders follows a family adjusting to life after World War I, so what better way to honor the real troops of that war than by getting a Blinders-themed pin? The badge, which can be purchased from small badge-making company The Brummie Badgeman, costs £4.99.


4. Souvenir Pizza

All that keepsake is sure to whet your appetite, so thank goodness for this keepsake pizza, which uses pepperoni, olives and green peppers to make delicious little poppies for snacking.

The ‘poppyseed pizza’ was spotted last year by an eager-eyed social media user who said the photo was taken at an Aldi in north London and had duly gone viral. The channel has since denied it was one of theirs.

This is not the first time that a supermarket has prepared such a delicacy. In 2014, Tesco Gatwick Extra in Horley, Surrey used the same ingredients to create a meaty, war-themed feast.

At the time, Tesco said: ‘Colleagues in stores have marked Remembrance Sunday in a number of ways and we hope customers will see that their intentions in this case were entirely justified out of respect.’

That’s what they would have wanted.

5. Souvenir Cup

To find? In 2018, a Stirling cafe really put people in the dark mood by selling seasonally inappropriate cold ice creams to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Flavors included lemon and poppy seed (yum) and vanilla with a raspberry blue moon ripple (not so yum).

Due to popular (?) demand, punny ice cream returned for a second year in 2019.

Since then, the pictures of the pud have made the rounds of social networks.

They fought so that we could live.

6. Remembrance Rum

The current Royal British Legion has decided the best way to support veterans in 2021 is to whip up a pomegranate-shaped bottle of rum.

Like a grenade, the lucky owners of the rum have to pull out an actual pin to open it, which doesn’t seem to trigger any terrible memories of war at all.

It has since mysteriously been removed from the charity’s website.

We remember.

7. Souvenir Cafe

A cafe in Manchester paid tribute to the troops by selling a souvenir-themed cappu – sorry – HEROccino to its customers last year.

Say what you will, there’s no denying that this is awesome latte art and a caffeine-fueled adrenaline and dopamine rush will surely mimic what it’s like in the trenches.

8. Soccer gloves

Facebook/ Wild Gloves

Lest you forget to save a ball during a football match, a goalkeeper glove company sold a pair of emotional mitts in 2019 for just £39.99.

9. Memorial Socks


Soldiers got trench foot during the war, so we bet they’d love to have a pair of these socks on hand to keep their feet dry. They cost less than a ten and come with “strong meaning”, who’s to say no?

10. Remembrance Train

All aboard the train of patriotism! Transport for Wales is marking the occasion this year with trains wrapped in artwork created by PTM Design, featuring the silhouettes of frontline soldiers.

It includes the Welsh words ‘Mewn angof ni chant fod’ – ‘Let’s not forget’.

11. Sheep of Remembrance

Yes really. Two sisters, Fay and Abigail Johnson from Leicestershire decorated their flock of sheep on their family farm this year because…?

Fay Johnson told the BBC: “It was an opportunity for us here to remember all those who served and sacrificed their lives during the war and to help people think of them as they drove by .”

She said the poppies had been easy to paint on the sheep because they were used to being handled.

“We had a cardboard stencil,” she said.

“It didn’t bother them at all.”

12. Poppyseed Burgers

Not to forget to have dinner (after nibbling on the souvenir pizza for lunch of course), a butcher made poppy seed burgers with Guinness powder. Delicious?

13. Commemorative beer keg

And you can wash down burgers with beer stored in this eco-friendly beer keg.

14. Memorial Bedding

A long day of commemoration can get quite tiring, so what better way to end the day than snuggling up in bed under a commemorative duvet and dreaming of Britain?

So this is it. You can observe as many two-minute silences as you like, but if you really want to respect those who fought in the wars, it’s time to put on your best poppy thong, throw a pizza in the oven, fill your shot glasses with rum-like weapon and save space for an ice cream afterwards.

This is the freedom the soldiers fought for. Enjoy it. Dulce et decorum is pro TATria mori.

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