APSRTC transporting goods in buses leaves passengers in trouble

Vijayawada: APSRTC passengers express their objection to the usurpation of their luggage space in the dickey of buses and its use instead for the transport of private freight. As a result, passengers have to carry their luggage with them inside the bus, which leads to inconvenience.

APSRTC had launched its freight service with dedicated vehicles as part of its efforts to explore new avenues of earning income.

This had been appreciated and people had started to take advantage of this service. However, later the APSRTC started loading their huge bundles of goods onto the dickey of their long-distance buses.

In accordance with Department of Transportation standards, no private travel buses, especially long-distance ones, are permitted to load luggage other than that of passengers. This means that no goods are allowed to be transported by them. If a bus does so, it is a violation of vehicle license rules and a fine of Rs 10,000 is imposed on the bus operator or owner.

State transportation officials often raid private travel buses, book cases, and slap fines, especially for transporting goods not belonging to passengers traveling on the buses.

But, in the case of the buses operated by the APSRTC, they are silent. They claim that since the company’s buses are owned by the state government, they would not inspect them or issue any fines.

Passengers say that APSRTC buses carry large quantities of vegetables and milk containers etc. daily. on the buses, and ask why no action is taken when it is a violation of the rule.

As huge amounts of cargo are placed in the dickey as part of the APSRTC cargo service, passengers cannot keep their luggage. They must keep their luggage with them during the trip. They therefore called on RTC to transport huge quantities of goods in dedicated vehicles.

An RTC official said: “We try to accommodate passengers’ luggage in dickeys to avoid any inconvenience.”