Best Promotional Merchandise Ideas – Middletown Media

When you think of promotional merchandise produced by a company, what items are you thinking of? You’ve no doubt seen countless pens, tote bags, and baseball caps printed with logos, and certainly not an uncertain amount of t-shirts. We’re willing to bet that most people reading this article will own some form of designer clothing, not necessarily from a designer fashion brand, but from an unrelated company.

Everything is fine, of course. There is no shame or failure in wearing or producing commercial products. This can often be a necessary marketing piece, especially if you’re giving away freebies at a convention. But could it be that your pens, caps and t-shirts don’t stand out from the 5,000 other company-branded items within a five-mile radius?

Let’s take a look at some great alternatives that could showcase your brand’s true creativity and why it’s worth appreciating. In this article, we will discuss some quality substitutes.

Consider utility items

Of course, a pen, a cap and a t-shirt all have a use. But it’s also true that sometimes your brand image can be put to better use. Custom counter mats can be a great example – they can be used to store items or decorate a space with a sturdy design that shows your dedication to lasting value. Utility objects – well, they are often used. There’s nothing better for a business than to be seen as convenient and necessary. Your promotional merchandise can reflect value.

What fully represents your brand?

Unique promotional items may better reflect your brand values. Merchandising can also emphasize the type of work you do. So, for example, printing branded car air fresheners could be a great gift for a mechanics garage. Maybe give a free pack to everyone who comes in for car maintenance. Suddenly, your customers’ cars smell good after they’ve been through your garage. Then, whenever they think they need service for their car, your brand is near.

Condition of longevity and quality

Promotional items designed to last a while can be a great investment for your business. Good brand floor mats can be a good idea, as they are sturdy and can last a while.

Alternatively, you can have sturdy, tall, easy-to-grip mugs for those hoping to enjoy black tea or coffee in the office. Give them away at a trade show and you can bet they’ll fill offices and workshops in your area.

These are just a few examples, but what matters most is the integrity of the design of the part itself and its resistance to chipping, breaking, bending or breaking. If you can avoid going for the cheaper option, you might be surprised at how well your efforts are working.

With these tips, you can add more value-added promotional items to impress your customers and attract future customers.