Best Stranger Things Merchandise and Toys to Buy in 2022

Stranger Things’ epic finale is almost here and the The team has researched some of the best toys and products to help you celebrate. There’s everything from smartwatch straps to rubber duckies and LEGO sets, and plenty of gift ideas for your favorite Stranger Things super fan.

Stranger Things has been a television phenomenon since Netflix first launched it in 2016. It has captured countless imaginations and delivered captivating and memorable moments for sci-fi and drama lovers. Now, thanks to the huge fandom he’s created, there’s also some amazing merchandise to be had.

Want to see Steve Harrington as a rubber duck? Or Eleven reinvented in LEGO? Continue reading. We have what you need.

Plus, there’s something for every budget on this list. So if you’re looking for a Stranger Things gift, it won’t cost you the earth.

Best Stranger Things toys and merchandise to buy in 2022

MobyFox Stranger Things smartwatch straps

Want to give your smartwatch a Stranger Things twist? These watch bands from MobyFox fit a variety of smartwatches and come in a range of themes.

Plus, you have the option to further customize your watch with 20 downloadable Stranger Things watch faces.

Straps start at £36.90 but some designs are already sold out at the time of writing – so hurry if you want to pick one up!

Buy MobyFox Stranger Things smartwatch straps from €36.90

Stranger Things LEGO Demogorgon and Eleven

LEGO Stranger Things

LEGO has reimagined two of Stranger Things’ most iconic characters – Eleven and the Demogorgon – as the LEGO “BrickHeadz”.

The Demogorgon is the first monster from The Upside Down that Eleven and her friends encounter on the show, and it’s also one of the show’s most iconic villains.

Now you can put together this 192-piece tribute to both characters and have them accompany you to the series finale.

Buy Demogorgan and Eleven LEGO for £17.99 at

Hellfire Club Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt

Season 4 of Stranger Things introduced the Dungeons & Dragons group, the Hellfire Club. Directed by Eddie Munson, it also includes series stalwarts Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Erica.

Club members are recognizable by their distinctive baseball jerseys – and now you can get yours! Available in a range of men’s and women’s sizes and fits, the Hellfire Club baseball shirt is an icon from Season 4 of Stranger Things.

Buy a Hellfire Club baseball shirt for £26.99 on Amazon

Hellfire Club Mug

Hellfire Club Mug

Here is another great article from Hellfire Club. This mug features the club crest with a horn-shaped handle, and a club logo sticker is also included.

Buy a Hellfire Club mug for £14.99 at HMV

TUBBZ Stranger Things Steve Harrington Duck Action Figure

TUBBZ Duck from Stranger Things

You always wanted to see what Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington would look like if he was a rubber ducky, right? Now is your chance.

TUBBZ has reimagined a range of Stranger Things characters and they’re hilarious. There’s Eleven, Steve, Hopper, Lucas, Dustin and the Demogorgon – all in duck form!

Buy TUBBZ Stranger Things rubber duckies from £14.34 on Amazon

Hellfire Club 20 Dice Stress Ball

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Stress Ball

This Hellfire Club stress ball comes in the shape of a 20-sided die – the kind used to play Dungeons & Dragons in the series.

Now you can grab your very own 20-sided stress ball that can be squeezed to release pent-up frustrations, or rolled if you want an oversized dice for playing D&D.

Buy the Hellfire Club Stress Ball Dice for £7.99 on Amazon

Stranger Things Gadget Decals

Want to declare your love for the series by decorating your laptop, phone or tablet with Stranger Things decals?

This set from Paladone offers a huge range of ways to customize your tech and give it that Stranger Things spin.

Buy Paladone Stranger Things Decals for £5.68 on Amazon

Hounds of Love by Kate Bush on vinyl

Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s iconic album, Hounds of Love, was brought back into the public consciousness when Running Up That Hill appeared prominently in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

You can pick up Hounds of Love – the vinyl album featuring Running Up That Hill – at HMV now.

Buy Hounds of Love for £21.99 at HMV

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