BTS ARMY is calling for a RESTOCK as V’s collection of artist-made merchandise goes out of stock in minutes!

K-pop group BTS have taken the world by storm and their growing popularity is proof that nothing is stopping them. The Korean group treated their fans at the end of 2021 by announcing that all BTS members will release their self-designed product and ARMY (as their fans call themselves) showered them with love and praise .

BTS kept their promise. Amid all the anticipation, the group shared a look at their “artist-created collections” one by one.

However ARMY is a bit disappointed as all the goods are sold out within minutes and many are unable to reserve their orders because of this.

Now, V fans have taken to Twitter to demand that all collections be replenished. They even asked HYBE for the same. Recent claims stem from the fact that many were disappointed because they couldn’t buy V’s bag.

Merchandise preview photos of V alias Kim Taehyung were revealed on January 8 KST. V showcased his artistic “Vante” personality through his designs and presented fans with a set of brooches of his artwork and a leather bag with a palette of his favorite colors. V has also launched its special “Mute Boston Bag”, a stylish and compact leather bag for all purposes.

In no time, the official images went viral and fans couldn’t help but admire V’s incredible artistry!

The self-designed bag rightly reflects V’s personal style in every fabric of its design and fans instantly fell in love with it. Every detail, from the Vante artwork to the scarf, and the color palette was a perfect embodiment of V.

Earlier, Jin and J-Hope came to the group’s rescue when fans raised objections over the product’s controversial pricing. Shortly after the reveal, the new merchandise collection was criticized for its price of ₩119,000 for the pajamas and ₩69,000 for the pillow set.

Image source: Instagram/bts_v