Crazy Disney Fans Desperate For Merchandise Use FAKE BABIES To Bypass Item Limit

Crowds of eager shoppers gathered outside Tokyo DisneySea on April 7 to get their hands on new merchandise, including Duffy and Friends

A witness claims to have seen people using fake babies to increase the number of items they could buy

Tokoyo shoppers have been accused of using fake babies in order to gain access to brand new Disney merchandise being sold.

Japan’ s All-Nippon News Network reported that throngs of eager shoppers gathered outside the gates of Tokoyo DisneySea more than five hours before the park opened.

However, to enter the souvenir shop, shoppers had to obtain a “numbered pass”.

To add to that, shoppers entering the store were limited to one of each item per person.

Despite the restrictions in place, shoppers have come up with some interesting ways to get their hands on the new merchandise.

Shoppers have gone to great lengths to get their hands on more Disney merchandise


NNA News)

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A witness claims to have seen people buying extra dolls and using them as fake babies in pushchairs so they could double the number of items they could buy – one item for themselves and one for the baby.

A clerk discovered that a man, who ran a flea market, was selling the products for more than 3 times the price.

It comes after it emerged that Disney is offering VIP service with a ‘hidden’ door at some Disneyland theme parks that will cost you £25,000 to navigate.

In November, Shanghai Disneyland closed after a single case of Covid, leading to 34,000 people being tested on site and forced into self-isolation.

Those who had been looking to spend their Halloween at the famous theme park were shocked to find they were caught in the middle of a Covid outbreak.

On Sunday, during a fireworks display, Disneyland was closed and rides were halted after a single case was detected.

The single case meant that all 34,000 people in the park had to be tested on the spot. They weren’t allowed to leave, and no one was allowed in, until every guest was tested.

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