Disney plans in-app merchandise feature for Disney+

Disney is creating more ways for fans to purchase branded merchandise by integrating an in-app commerce option into the Disney+ app.

Other apps and services, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, have made in-app purchase possible. So it was inevitable that such a business entity as Disney would eventually get into it.

According Technological crunchcustomers scanned a QR code in the Disney+ app, which took them to the company’s website, where they could purchase products like lightsaber toys from “The Mandalorian.”

Disney has already made its streaming IPs a top priority in theme park merchandise stores. He also uses merchandise to bridge the gap between reality and virtual reality by creating products that exist in video games or shows, or bringing actual merchandise into video games for people to customize their characters with the products. that they bought at the park.

This allows people to buy products they see on screen without having to travel to Florida or California. They don’t even need to enter a URL. It’s a bit like a point-of-sale display to encourage impulse purchases. Someone is sitting on their couch watching ‘The Mandalorian’, they scan the QR code out of curiosity and suddenly they’re buying a lightsaber toy as a gift (or for themselves).

Disney has always been a driving force in the power of marketing and branding, so it’s a little surprising that they weren’t the first to make in-app purchases from a streaming service. But it’s at least an indicator that the big players are considering this as an e-commerce and branding option. And, don’t forget, they now also have Marvel IPs, and they’re cash cows of merchandising.

And these streaming services also rely heavily on branded products and creative releases. Look what Netflix has done with its designer drops and immersive experience pop-ups. With Disney creating more of its own content for the streaming service, it’s entirely possible they’ll follow Netflix’s lead here and create even more branding opportunities down the road.