Dogecoin: After Tesla, SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin for merchandise

San Francisco: Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said his aerospace company SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin as a payment option for goods, joining Tesla.

The electric vehicle company began accepting cryptocurrency in January, Teslarati reports.

Musk, a frequently vocal proponent of certain cryptocurrencies, announced on Twitter, first reiterating that Tesla merchandise could be purchased with crypto.

“Tesla merch can be purchased with Doge, soon SpaceX merch too,” Musk wrote on the microblogging site.

Neither Musk nor SpaceX have announced a concrete date when they will begin accepting Dogecoin for merchandise.

Currently, SpaceX’s merchandise store still only accepts credit card payments.

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Shop items are also only listed in US dollars by default, and no conversions or cryptocurrency prices are available for shop items, according to the report.

Musk also said that “maybe one day” Starlink users could pay for their internet service subscriptions with Doge. Musk also did not specify a specific date for this.

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