F1 merchandise… who has what right now

It’s time for the car launch, time for testing, time for the new season, and of course also a new season for the Formula 1 products that the teams and drivers have started rolling out to the approach of D-Day, March 20 in Bahrain.

All F1 teams have online stores where fans can buy the latest team replica kits, caps, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and more for their subscribers. However, Max Verstappen is probably outsold everyone in the paddock.

Here’s a quick rundown of who’s what currently available across the various F1 online shops. Here’s what’s there:

Notably, Ferrari had come off the blocks with its first range weeks ahead of the February 17 launch of its 2022 car, with the Italian team using its drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc modeling a clever 2022 replica kit already available through their online store. .

The new Puma-badged kit shows the Santander team’s returning sponsor, including key partners whose branding will feature on the Ferrari F1-75. The prominent black stripe on the apparel is a standout feature of the 2022 kit, which is said to be the best-selling of any team.

2022 f1 mechanical ferrari

The Aston Martin F1 team has arguably the coolest, sleekest kit, and the green is just ready to be painted around the circuits by the fans if they become a winning force. No surprise there, as billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll made his fortune in the leisurewear business.

The team he resurrected is clearly appealing to a high-end market with the team’s official 3-in-1 jacket costing $424 while their caps cost almost ten euros more than their rival teams.

But it’s clearly a quality product they’re selling and looks like the smartest range for this season so far.

Mechanics F1 2022 aston1

Coinciding with the early launch of the McLaren MCL36, the Woking team have released their range of stylish apparel for the team and fans in 2022.

While Orange is a common sight on circuits around the world, alas, this doesn’t signal huge fan support for McLaren, but rather Verstappen’s Orange Army.

Fast rising star Lando Norris and veteran Dianiel Ricciardo are tasked with ensuring Papaya Orange replaces Dutch Orange in the stands winning more frequently, with the one-two at Monza a sure way to win the Orange-war. merch.

McLaren hasn’t been shy with pricing, with their caps almost $20 more expensive than what their rivals are offering.

2022 F1 mclaren mechanism Mechanical F1 2022 mclaren2

No surprises there, because at any Grand Prix the Orange Sea is a sure indicator of where F1’s big money is going. Verstappen was inventing it long before he became world champion, now that he has won his first title expect demand to skyrocket, boosted by the Netflix and media driven F1 popularity boom social.

Interestingly, the Verstappen replica kit and trinkets are also available via the Red Bull Racing webshop, where you can buy Checo Perez caps from last year, but not Verstappen’s, which are instead on the Dutchman’s dedicated online store.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen have separate stores, but share some clothing on online retail platforms. However, with the Red Bull launch complete, there are few signs of new products at either store, apart from Verstappen’s store where its 2022 mini helmet is already available.

Of course, lots of Orange kits in Max’s shop and lots of clothes celebrating his 2021 Formula 1 World Championship title.

2022 F1 mechandise max verstappen F1 hoodies capo tshirt

The Red Bull Racing store is holding a sale of its old product, with the new kit expected to be available ahead of testing. For now, get the old stuff at a drop-down rate!

In the team shop, Sergio Perez takes a look with Verstappen, the Mexican who attracts big business for team merchandising in his native country, ahead of the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

red bull sale f1 merch

2022 Red Bull F1 Mechanics

Clothing brand Red Bull has its own range of leisure wear, also producing team replica kits promoted by their riders Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

2022 F1 mechanical alphatauri

The American team was the first to go, but their stock of online F1 merchandise remains from 2021 for fans of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Mechanical F1 2022 haas

The reigning Constructors’ World Champions have yet to launch their 2022 Team Replica range, but if you read the fine print you can get last year’s kit for 50% off their sale. ‘winter.

However, you can pick up an exclusive George Russell graphic t-shirt while you wait for the team kit to become available, likely closer to the Mercedes 2022 launch on February 18.

Merchandise F1 2022 mercedes russell

No sign of a 2022 kit in the official Williams online store, but for last year’s merchandise; George Russell’s 2021 Williams kit could do well on eBay if the new Mercedes driver lives up to expectations of him alongside fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton. At 25% off, it might just be money well spent in the long run.

williams f1 2022 merchandise