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Fans excited to buy CJ Cup merchandise

RIDGELAND, Sc. (WTOC) – This is only the second time the course at Congaree Golf Club has been open to the public, following last year’s Palmetto Championship, which means this is only the second occasion for people to get their hands on Congaree gear.

“With a tournament on such short notice, we struggled to keep merchandise in stock, so that was a bit of a theme last year, but this year we had a bit more time, so I think we’ve planned well and I think anyone who wants a part of the logo can get it,” said Evan Hyma, Chief Golf Pro at Congaree.

Although he says demand will peak over the weekend, it was certainly there today as well.

“That’s the first thing we did, like he insisted on getting derivatives. We haven’t been anywhere else, he was like, ‘we have to go find the merch,’” said Oli Babin, who bought some merchandise today.

“Very cool, good merch, lots of options in there,” said Connor Clayton, who also shopped some merchandise today.

Many, taking advantage of this variety of choices to buy…

“Rain jacket, a couple of shirts, logo ball,” Rich Decker said.

The exclusivity of these items alone, not much but throw a Congaree logo on one of them and suddenly they are collectibles.

“You certainly can’t take it out to a store, it’s only available here on the course and there’s a great selection.”

He says he was here and bought some Palmetto Championship merchandise last year as well, believing he just couldn’t get enough.

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