Foreign trade statistics for January 2022

MACAO, February 28 – Information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) indicates that total merchandise exports amounted to MOP 1.43 billion in January 2022, up 0.3% year-on-year. the other. The value of domestic exports (199 million MOP) increased by 18.1%, with that of clothing and copper and copper articles increasing by 37.3% and 42.0% respectively. On the other hand, the value of re-exports (1.23 billion MOP) fell by 2.1%, with that of Machinery, appliances and parts falling by 49.8%. Meanwhile, total merchandise imports increased by 33.6% year-on-year to MOP 14.07 billion; imports of electronic components, beauty, cosmetics and skin care products, perfumes and gold jewelry increased by 126.0%, 125.4%, 115.9% and 80.9% respectively, while imports of other made up textile articles and building materials fell by 34.6% and 10.1%. respectively. The merchandise trade deficit in January 2022 stood at MOP 12.63 billion.

Analyzed by destination, merchandise exports to Hong Kong (1.16 billion MOP), the United States (58 million MOP) and the EU (18 million MOP) in January 2022 increased respectively by 5.1 %, 12.8% and 5.3% year over year. Exports to mainland China fell 40.4% year-on-year to MOP 89 million, of which exports to the nine provinces of the Pan Pearl River Delta (MOP 74 million) fell 44.4% . Exports to Belt and Road countries (34 million MOP) and Portuguese-speaking countries (58,000 MOP) decreased by 30.3% and 63.5% respectively. Exports of textiles and clothing rose 25.5% year-on-year to MOP 143 million, while non-textile exports fell 1.9% to MOP 1.29 billion.

By place of origin, imports of goods from the EU (5.06 billion MOP) and mainland China (4.28 billion MOP) in January 2022 increased by 50.0% and 9. 2% respectively year on year. Imports from Belt and Road countries (2.65 billion MOP) and Portuguese-speaking countries (76 million MOP) increased by 29.2% and 21.1% respectively. Analyzed by place of dispatch, imports of goods from Hong Kong (12.36 billion MOP) increased by 43.9% over one year. By contrast, imports from mainland China fell by 19.9% ​​to MOP 1.22 billion, with imports from the nine provinces of the Pan Pearl River Delta (MOP 1.20 billion) falling by 18.8%. Imports of consumer goods increased by 39.6% to reach MOP 10.49 billion, including imports of beauty, cosmetics and skincare products (MOP 1.76 billion), gold jewelry (1.43 billion MOP) and watches (1.11 billion MOP) jumped 125.4 billion MOP. %, 80.9% and 38.8% respectively. Imports of mobile phones (1.68 billion MOP) and fuels and lubricants (428 million MOP) increased by 23.5% and 10.3% respectively, while imports of building materials (227 million MOP) fell 10.1%.

Foreign trade in goods totaled MOP 15.50 billion in January 2022, up 29.7% from MOP 11.96 billion a year earlier.