God of War Ragnarok Merchandise Leak Suggests News Could Be Coming Soon

A new God of War Ragnarok leak may suggest news is coming very soon. God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and partly because fans have waited over 4 years for it at this point. The final game left fans with a major cliffhanger and in 2020 it was suggested that they wouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out what happened next. Unfortunately, Sony may have set unrealistic expectations in the midst of a pandemic, as they ended up delaying God of War Ragnarok a whole year until 2022. Now fans are patiently waiting to hear more about the game and when they can play it.

Earlier this week, a retailer known as Entertainment Earth released some God of War Ragnarok merch slated for release in July 2022. It’s nothing more than a few hats and socks, but would likely be released immediately before launch or as a result of a marketing push. Entertainment Earth eventually removed the merchandise from the list, reporting that it may have been listed too early. Of course, this could have been nothing more than a simple error in the backend and these items won’t be visible for a while, but the timing is interesting. A PlayStation State of Play is slated for later this week and while Sony has said it will largely focus on VR games and third-party titles, it hasn’t denied that God of War Ragnarok could show up at the event. With only 6 months left in 2022, Sony must start shipping the game soon.

Another retailer listed merchandise with a September release window, suggesting the game could release in September. Anyway, if Sony is serious about God of War Ragnarok release in 2022, the time has come to start talking about it and releasing new trailers. The previous game had a relatively short release cycle, excluding E3 cycles, but summer seems like a good time to prepare fans for a fall release.

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