Huntington Beach jewelry store reports $7,700 in missing goods after Sunday ‘smash and grab’

On Sunday, employees of Princess Bride Diamonds in Huntington Beach fought off four ‘smash and grab’ thieves, likely saving the jewelry store from widespread loss, although three rings went missing a day later.

Huntington Beach police responded to reports of the incident around noon Sunday, department spokeswoman Jennifer Carey said. When officers arrived, they found evidence that the theft had indeed taken place at the Bella Terra store.

Princess Bride posted surveillance footage to her Instagram Stories from the flight. It shows four thieves wearing dark-colored hoodies, at least some of them carrying hammers and holding backpacks. A thief immediately uses a hammer to smash a glass display case upon entering the store.

But three employees are seen fighting back, punching and kicking to push the thieves out of the store in seconds. One of them was carrying a stool and hit a thief as he tried to get away.

“We just faced a smash and grab at our store,” an employee wrote on Instagram. “We fought back and it’s fine. Luckily, they couldn’t get anything thanks to our great team.

Princess Bride Diamonds in Huntington Beach was the victim of a ‘smash and grab’ robbery on Sunday.

(Don Leach / personal photographer)

However, Carey said investigators followed the store on Monday and found $7,700 worth of jewelry missing.

Three rings are missing after inventory ended, the store reported on Instagram Monday afternoon.

No injuries were reported in the burglary.

Carey said the HBPD has not made any arrests, but the investigation is continuing. At this time, the department is not releasing any details about the suspects or the vehicles.

“If there comes a time when we need help from the community, we will definitely post those details,” she said. “But at the moment it’s still an active investigation.”

About an hour after the Princess Bride was robbed on Sunday, Don Roberto’s jewelry store in Santa Ana was also the victim of a smash and grab. Santa Ana police reportedly apprehended three of the four suspects in the robbery.

“We’ve been in communication with Santa Ana PD to try to do some further investigation and see if there’s some sort of connection,” Carey said. “But at this time we are unable to confirm whether or not they are related.”

Princess Bride Diamonds is a family run jewelery store that has been in business since 2006.

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