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A grassroots socio-political group, Arewa Political Advocates, has warned of inflammatory remarks directed at the person of Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, by people who appear to be surreptitiously used by disgruntled political wholesalers in some backgrounds to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of Nigeria’s most successful governor.
A statement signed by the coordinator, Arewa Political Advocates, Abubakar Yewa, and made available to The Tide yesterday, reads in full: “We, the members of Arewa Political Advocates, read with amusement an article titled: ‘A text of press conference called by Northern Alliance for National Cohesion, on the inflammatory remarks of Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State”.
“We have carefully read and appreciated the contents of this press conference and in the interest of the peace, cohesion and harmonious coexistence that has existed and continues to exist between us and our brothers in the South-South , we would like to state the following:
“We will gladly overlook the provocative insinuations, recklessly uttered by pirates and paid agitators, who are only interested in the misery they receive from those who do not mean well to our country.
“We recognize the fact that what is playing out between Governor Wike and his counterpart in Edo State, provoked, of course, by the Deputy Governor, in his own disrespectful, reckless, combative and confrontational comments, is purely a political affair of politicians, which will eventually be settled with their usual political solutions.
“But we are very disturbed by the involvement of prying intruders and anti-progressive groups, made up mostly of faceless individuals, who actually mourn more than the bereaved and have no interest except to their nuisance value and their propensity to offer themselves as agents of destabilization, destruction and disunity in Nigeria.
“These grumpy, willful, intractable groups have nothing to lose, from the consequences of their thoughtless, childish, myopic statements, except the perverse joy they derive from celebrating the negative gains that have come from their contractual intrusion into the expense of the rest of the unsuspecting, innocent Nigerians.
“Having put this into perspective, it becomes imperative at this point to refer to the very auspicious quote of the learned and utilitarian philosopher, John Stuart Mills. The full quote, delivered during an inaugural address at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, on February 1, 1867, reads:
“Let no one pacify his conscience by the illusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part and forms no opinion. Evil men need nothing more to achieve their ends than good men need to watch and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without protest, allows evil to be done in his name and with the means that he helps to provide, because he will not care to use his mind on the subject.
“It is therefore against this background that we must define and situate the fearless, bold, determined, courageous, consistent and admirable public advocacy of Governor Nyesom Wike, which has undoubtedly transformed him into a champion for the Nigerian masses, a voice for the long-suffering ordinary man and a true leader of the ordinary citizens of this country, who continue to suffer in very suffocating and unbearable situations, which are getting worse with each passing day.
“In our time, when political leadership demands more than opportunistic service to the people, Governor Nyesom Wike, unlike the majority of his colleagues, has stood out as a proud and imposing colossus, who will not be intimidated as he speaks truth to power and calls on those who need to be called, whether in his own constituency, his political party or the nation as a whole.
“It is rather unfortunate that so many people only meet the dynamic Nyesom Wike now that he is Governor, for those of us who knew him before will confirm that he was also firm, bold, fearless, determined, courageous and prepared.. That was how he defeated an incumbent governor and saved Rivers State from the clutches of those who wanted to roll back the state.
“This is also how he got involved in Edo State to make peace between the contending parties, after many pleas from the governor, his deputy and the national working committee of the PDP, this which ultimately paved the way for Governor Godwin Obaseki and his deputy to emerge.
“He didn’t stop there, but also supported the Edo State Guber campaign and remained on the ground at risk to his personal safety and well-being, even after police besieged his hotel for three days, to deliver and ensure victory. for those who today challenge the party that has done so much for them.
“Let it also be recorded, for the education and information of people like the Northern Alliance for National Cohesion, that Governor Nyesom Wike has always had a warm, cordial and strong relationship with his brother governors and the regularly consulted before. make public any question of party or national interest. If not, have the so-called members of the Northern Alliance ever bothered to ask why his colleagues did not once challenge him, but join him, especially in litigation, against the violations of the Constitution by the federal government?
“Has the so-called Northern Alliance even realized that almost all of its brother PDP governors and in fact high-level politicians and statesmen across party divisions, have in fact come into Rivers State to commission many of the massive and legacy projects that Governor Wike is delivering in Rivers State and the people of Rivers, in fulfillment of his primary responsibility to bring good governance and democracy dividends to his people?
“Let us categorically state here that the Northern Alliance or any other amorphous group which has been hired by dubious paymasters, is and never can be in any position and has no right, privilege or authority of any kind either, to give directions or threats to anyone or even slander any governor in the name of the North.
“We urge Governor Wike not to make any group with questionable intentions and questionable motives relevant and popular, by engaging them in matters that do not have the national interest as their objective. He is a leader we admire because of his guiding principles of sincerity, honesty and teamwork.
“Also state unequivocally that we are not aware of any forum, occasion, public event, television, radio, newspaper or even online interview or address, where Governor Nyesom Wike has openly stated that he is running for President of the country.. We already know who has come forward and Governor Wike is not one of them.
“In fact, Governor Wike has made his position on running for president very clear and consistent on national television and elsewhere, which is that while he has a constitutional right to run for president if he wishes, he is, however, busy with delivering good governance and the dividends of democracy to his people of Rivers State as he completes his mandatory two terms as Governor of Rivers State.
“We also want to use this medium to warn politicians, especially those in the PDP, who have now become rumor mongers, that the PDP has yet to issue a statement on the presidency and that is unfortunate and tragic for our political experience for a governor. to issue a full-page press release, published in national newspapers to accuse and allege that another governor has presidential ambitions. This is how some of our leaders and politicians have fallen and it is really very sad.
“Finally, we want to caution politicians about the type and manner of groups and individuals they engage and source to ventilate their public advocacy.
“Some of these so-called groups may in fact be comprised of terrorists, activists and other nefarious and unscrupulous entities posing as social crusaders, but waiting in the wings with malicious intent, to unleash chaos, unrest and conflict over and within the regime.
“We must all be careful in this political season and put Nigeria’s interest first, even when we have personal and political issues to deal with. One word they say is enough for the wise,” the statement added.