Invited ‘furious’ by Disney merchandise hoarders, ‘They bought 18’

Disney Parks merchandise can be a tricky subject. In the past we’ve seen full fights break out over limited edition items, and while DIsney tends to keep things in stock, guests can still feel panic when a new item comes out, and they don’t are not. there to pick it up.

Credit: Disney

Some items prove so popular and coveted that stockists are rushing for the chance to return these hot items.

For this reason, at Walt Disney World Resort as well as Disneyland Resort, we have seen Disney take an active stance against resellers when it comes to their merchandise. Whenever Disney releases a new line of merchandise or a limited-time product, we tend to see some guests walk away with as much merchandise as they can carry.

Some guests still manage to get around these limitations, but they certainly help.

imaginary popcorn bucket
Credit: Disney

Disney has really banked on its new popcorn buckets. Over the past year, buckets of popcorn have been thrown around in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depicting things from Disney’s Main Street Electric Parade to EPCOT’s unofficial mascot.

Earlier this year, guests at Walt Disney World went crazy over the infamous Figment popcorn bucket that made its debut at EPCOT. At one point, guests lined up for over seven hours to get their hands on the adorable popcorn bucket.

Mr. Toad's Magic Key Shot
Credit: Disney

Popcorn buckets have almost become a status symbol for Disney Park fans, with each new release earning massive expectations. The new buckets also allow Disney to bring back popular characters in fun and unique ways. We saw it with the recent Mr. Toad Popcorn Bucket.

Unfortunately, resellers have also decimated this item, with listings being shared on eBay for well over double the normal price. This trend has continued with Disney’s newest bucket as well as guests discussing the issue online.

You can check out the full post below:

WaltDisneyWorld Popcorn Bucket Madness

The original poster of this photo further commented on the situation, saying that they tried to buy one when the people in front of them bought 18 of them. They went on to say that Disney must strictly limit the release and sale of these items.

One user replied in agreement, calling it “infuriating”. Another called the whole process of promoting Disney park merchandise “crazy.”

disney store cast members at work
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Like we said, Disney has put some limitations in place so that resale doesn’t become a giant problem, but obviously it’s still entirely possible.

What Disney Parks merchandise did you have to have?