Kerckhoff Coffee House’s new merchandise sparks excitement among Bruins

The new UCLA Associated Student Kerckhoff Coffee House merchandise has generated both excitement and disappointment.

Kerckhoff Coffee House is UCLA’s oldest cafe on campus, having opened in 1975. Many students, staff, and visitors frequent the cafe, which is located in the heart of campus.

ASUCLA decided to recognize Kerckhoff’s story by designing coffee-specific products, including t-shirts, hats and tote bags, said Cindy Bolton, director of food services for UCLA restaurants. The merchandise was announced on January 12 in an Instagram post by ASUCLA.

Bolton said ASUCLA wanted to make merchandise to represent the fond memories of the people of Kerckhoff Coffee House.

Grace Hubrig, graphic designer and social media manager for ASUCLA, said in an emailed statement that the marketing department announced the launch of the merchandise with a giveaway on ASUCLA’s Instagram page.

Hubrig said the instagram gift was very successful in engaging with students, receiving over 2,300 free entries over a three-day period.

“Giving back to students is a major focus of our social media team, so we were thrilled to select two winners to receive a Kerckhoff shirt and hat of their choice,” Hubrig added.

The contest ended on January 14.

Some students who participated in the Instagram contest reacted positively to the experience.

Tamara Nogueira, a second-year political science student, said she and her friends were thrilled for the opportunity to win free merchandise. Although they didn’t win, she said she would consider buying in the future.

Makayla Santos, a second-year cognitive science student, said she entered the competition for the Kerckhoff bucket hats. She added that she was more interested in the bob and hadn’t looked at other merchandise options.

Some other students were unaware that Kerckhoff Coffee House released merchandise.

First-year Applied Mathematics student Sidra Villacorta said she was unaware of the giveaway, but would be interested in purchasing the garment once it is released.

“I haven’t seen (the merchandise),” Villacorta said. “But I really like Kerckhoff. I come here at least once a week.

Despite a promising Instagram promotion, Raidis Maypa, manager of the special events division of ASUCLA restaurants, said the merchandise did not sell as expected.

Maypa said she hopes the return to in-person teaching will attract more customers to Cafe Kerckhoff and increase the visibility of the merchandise.

“I’m very curious how it will be…when the winter term starts (in person), just because according to the fall term, the lines were non-stop at the cafe,” said Maypa said. “It’s a wait and see.”