Leading creative agency Harper+Scott launches H+S META, creating digital products, NFTs and virtual experiences for top consumer brands

“Over the past eight years, we are proud to have built the Harper+Scott you know today, a certified B-Corp company focused on the thoughtful transparency of the branded merchandise and branded product space. This next layer of the business, H+S META, is the culmination of nearly a decade spent building what’s new and coming to the brand,” said Michael Scott Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Harper+Scott. “As the metaverse and its influence grows, we are uniquely positioned to serve as a true partner to our customers in building their virtual worlds, from merchandise to experiences and the community that grows between them.”

H+S META is a natural progression in the creative offerings of Harper+Scott, whose cutting-edge team of designers and developers are at the forefront of knowledge and industry expertise within the virtual space. rapidly developing. As the popularity of the 3D virtual world grows, major brands are wondering how to approach virtual and augmented reality of the metaverse to capture lucrative sales and create brand evangelists. With unique NFT sales numbering in the millions and growing investment in virtual real estate growing 500% in Q4 2021, brands large and small must claim their place in the virtual world in order to stay relevant to their consumers.

Real offers for a virtual world

As a direct extension of its core capabilities in branded merchandise and private label retail products, H+S META offers customers an end-to-end solution to extend customer touchpoints to include both traditional and virtual experiences. An agile team of industry experts in digital merchandising, community building and management, and 3D creative capabilities bring both strategy and execution to brands hoping to stay ahead of the world virtual. Potential virtual products and experiences include 3D animation and resources for NFTs; incentive gifts with purchase for in-person events and tangible goods; virtual galleries and exhibition halls; metaworld community management; and more.

“For nearly a decade, Harper+Scott has successfully conceptualized creative ways for brands to surprise and delight their customers,” says Jon Alagem, president and co-founder of Harper+Scott. “Now, at a time when standards for technology, sustainability and ethical transparency are at an all-time high, we see an opportunity to continue to lead the metaverse with our B Corp credentials at the forefront. In doing so, we will create more meaningful connections for our customers with their customers, while establishing new best practices for our industry in building a more socially responsible future.”

About Harper+Scott
Harper+Scott is the brand behind your favorite brands. Based in New York with a global footprint, H+S is a leading creative agency specializing in the design and production of branded merchandise and private label products. A B Corp certified organization, Harper+Scott partners with the world’s best brands to design, produce and deliver high-quality, sustainable branded products that build brand awareness and drive authentic customer experiences with every touch. For more information, visit www.harperandscott.com.