Merchandise Planner position at Hallmark PLC

We are looking for a seasoned Merchandise Planner to join our Core Team, working closely with our Product and Range Managers, Creative and Commercial Managers and directly with our client. As a natural leader and comfortable with data and information, you will manage all key financial merchandising KPIs in planning, negotiating and forecasting for a specific area of ​​responsibility.

As a client, you will maintain, develop and contribute to the profit plan for a specified area of ​​responsibility and ensure that all stakeholders have the right information, at the right time to facilitate right first time planning decisions. products, finance and supply.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Responsible for all account planning including AOP, client budget, legend and line level for all EVDY and SSNL activities for external and internal stakeholders
  • Ensure all financial factors are assessed with clear assumptions and contingency plans to carry out the agreed plan
  • Ensure consistency of approach for all forecast elements, whether it is total activity, count, legend or row level
  • Ensure identification of inventory needs provides customer plan while minimizing inventory exposure
  • Provide high-level business analysis for future plan review and to clearly identify risks and opportunities
  • To support the analysis required by the customer, create a team to ensure that the optimal range is offered at all times
  • Develop strong cross-functional relationships and an understanding of each function to ensure that all interventions/activities are carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Contribute as a functional specialist within larger business initiatives to increase efficiency, improve ways of working and increase profits

A crucial role, you will be a technical expert, with internal and external stakeholders expecting you to lead the way in commodity planning decisions. To succeed, we are looking for you to demonstrate:

  • Strong work experience in a similar role within a retail / FMCG company
  • Excellent Excel, numerical and analytical skills to identify relevant business information for our audience
  • You are a confident communicator, able to adapt your approach to different audiences, combining your strong presentation skills with your skilful use of data and ideas
  • Experience building strong relationships internally and externally, working collaboratively to achieve common goals
  • Broader business thinking to engage and influence key business stakeholders and ensure profit growth is at the heart of all decisions made
  • You are organized, with a keen eye for detail, with experience in day-to-day and seasonal sales planning and forecasting
  • Strong knowledge of retail, and ideally our category, the influences that factor into your decision-making to mitigate sales risk