Mo from Men on a Mission selling merchandise to help defray the costs of current health issues

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Mo (Bobby Horne) of Men on a Mission suffered another health setback.

Last night he posted the following on Facebook:

“For those who don’t know, since January I’ve had 2 brushes with death. Twice I woke up in a hospital not knowing what day it was. I have been discharged with lung issues which now require me to carry oxygen 24/7. Several days I struggle to catch my breath. I recently thought I couldn’t do it and just wanted to give up. God saw fit to keep me here, and I want to do his job. Today is a new day in my life. I want to encourage you all to get up and enjoy life while you still can.

Please go give the you tube link to listenthis is for all of you who have a heavy heart today,

Thank you for all the support over the years and especially for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes over the past 4 months. I promise to keep fighting and I pray you all will too.

Bobby Lee Horne Sr.”

Horne continued with the following message:

“To all my fans, friends and family. As you may have heard or heard before, my lungs have suffered damage and I am currently on oxygen 24/7 which makes things a bit Last weekend I was able to get out of my house for a few hours but these tanks don’t last long so after researching and talking with my insurer I need to purchase an oxygen concentrator laptop that will allow me to go out more frequently, I need to be more mobile to try to exercise to control my health. I am not asking for donations, but I am offering a service for your help. I attach a link here. If you want to help me out, just follow the link below. This link will give you the option to buy either a Tshirt, 8×10 on the Sir Mo Lives link or you can get a home video, just by clicking the Sir Mo video link. either way your support will be greatly appreciated cie. Allow 2 weeks for the video and up to 3 weeks for the t-shirts or the autographed 8×10 photo.
Thanks in advance.