More merchandise ideas for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shoppers

It was recently revealed in an article by the OCS-scanner that a “Let’s Go Brandon” themed store is set up on Route 37 in Toms River, New Jersey.

The store is dedicated to pro-Trump and anti-Biden merchandise, like “Trump 2024” shirts and “F***Biden” banners.

You can see more of what they have to offer here.

For anyone who has a vested interest in this kind of merchandise, I offer these ideas for free.

For example…

A hoodie with the famous newspaper headline “Dewey beats Truman”.

It was prematurely announced that Thomas E. Dewey had won the 1948 election against Harry Truman when, in fact, he had not. Obviously, if you’re interested in the LGB store, you’re a fan unaware of the actual election result, so this hoodie would probably sell out quickly.

A pickup truck with a portrait of Aaron Burr holding an American flag and a gun.

I’ve seen plenty of Trump vans or trucks with “F*** Joe Biden” flags to know there’s a market for candidate footage shot up to 11.

As for the election of 1800. Of course Jefferson won, but Burr was robbed, the election was robbed!

A “Nixon ’62” sticker

Admittedly, the televised debates showed that John F. Kennedy managed things better than Richard Nixon… but that’s fake news!

Preferably post a sticker that reads “Nixon ’62” so others know you’re too smart to trust lame streaming media and their fake election results!

In profile: 100 years of presidential races in the United States

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2000 elections? We haven’t forgotten about those hanging chads yet!

Who wants a “Gals for Gore” t-shirt?

Bush who? #NotMyPresident

Sounds overkill, right?

Of course it is. I have a dose of reality for you: doing this with a Trump store is just as crazy. See how crazy this store seems to some of us?

No? Well, I tried. Enjoy your MAGA hats!

President Trump holds rally in New Hampshire on eve of state primary

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The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Kylie Moore of New Jersey 101.5. All opinions expressed are those of Kylie.

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