More New Merchandise, More Chaos at Disney Parks

Another day, another release, more chaos. On April 22, Disney released their new Popcorn Bucket featuring Elliot the Dragon from the 1977 film, pete’s dragon. An adorable turtle sipper has also gone up for sale. Both of these items went on sale to celebrate the return of Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade. Additional merchandise including Minnie Ears, a Loungefly backpack, t-shirts, and more have also gone on sale at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Credit: Disney

As has become a new Disney tradition, crowds descended on Disneyland Resort and crashed to be the first to grab the new merchandise. Lines were long and shelves emptied quickly. The cast members did their best to keep order, as well as restocking the merchandise when they could, but it disappeared almost as quickly as it was extinguished.

Elliot Main Street Electrical Parade Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

Kitra Remick shared a video of the chaos she had seen, as well as the sentiments shared by many who cannot make it to The Happiest Place on Earth on the day the merchandise is released.

Well, that sucks.

Instagrammer Five Fires (@thecalibae) also shared a video of the massive crowds waiting for the ropes to drop, so they could race to grab the merchandise they so desperately wanted.

While it’s not surprising to see large crowds waiting in the parks when new merchandise is released, it was a bit of a surprise considering the chaos that ensued at Walt Disney World when the bucket to pop- corn Figment was launched at the EPCOT International Arts Festival. Guests waited hours to get their hands on the little purple dragon, and it quickly sold out. When Disney finally had more in stock, guests had to purchase it via mobile order.

Figment Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

Just hours after Disneyland and Disney California Adventure opened, many guests were reporting that some locations were already sold out. Other places still offered it, but it came with food. Guests learned that these places — like the Hungry Bear Café — still had them, and queues there quickly grew.

While most guests love seeing all of this new merchandise, many find it frustrating that if they don’t make it to the parks on release day, they might not get anything. Many think Disney shouldn’t sell everything they have at once. Instead, they should release a certain amount each day. Many visitors also feel that Disney needs to crack down on resellers, who buy as much merchandise as they can and then raise prices when they resell it online.


Credit: OrlandoMike1995 Instagram

Disney has shared that the Main Street Electrical Parade will only be there for a limited time. However, they did not specify the length of this period. It’s possible the parade, along with the Disneyland Forever fireworks, will run all summer long and end when Disney kicks off its Halloween celebration. Hopefully, Disney has already planned to have more buckets of Elliot popcorn and turtle sippers to ship to them periodically, so guests have plenty of chances to buy them.