New Delhi: MP Rajya Sabha of the Communist Party of India (CPI) from Kerala Binoy Viswam has written to Prime Minister Narendra raising an objection against the “11th Report of the Parliament Committee on Official Languages”, saying the report gives importance excessive to Hindi in order to make it the dominant language of India.

In his letter to Prime Minister Modi, Viswam said: “I am writing to raise my strongest objection to the ’11th Report of the Parliament Committee on Official Languages’ which places excessive emphasis on Hindi in order to make it the dominant language of India.As a nation of many languages, the imposition of Hindi to the exclusion of others is deeply offensive and threatens the importance of the other 21 official languages ​​recognized in Schedule 8 of the Constitution.”

The Upper House MP claimed that the report’s recommendations echo divisive and dangerous positions that will cause irreparable damage to the ‘idea of ​​India’. The central tenet of the report, “Hindi for Hindustan”, is an outright rejection of India’s diversity and recommends the imposition of Hindi in all central government institutions, colleges and universities. teaching at public offices, he said.
Such a move, Viswam said, will disproportionately affect non-Hindi students who constitute a large segment in prestigious institutes such as IIT or IIM to continue their studies.

“Furthermore, the recommendation to take disciplinary action against civil servants who do not use Hindi is another example of the reports underlying the agenda and lays the groundwork for a great upheaval in the country. The imposition of a singular language to represent the entirety of the Indian people has been the cause of widespread opposition and discontent since the start of independent India to stoke the fact that fire is a dangerous decision and misguided,” the CPI leader wrote.

Viswam further stated that several Supreme Court justices, constitutional law scholars, historians, politicians and other prominent citizens have repeated countless times that the temptation to impose uniformity should be resisted. and that the plurality of India should be protected.

“In light of the above, I strongly urge you to withdraw this report and seek wider consultation on this sensitive topic before such a political decision is made. India is a land of multiple cultures, with each citizen’s mother tongue representing a part of their identity. , imposing a secondary status on a person’s mother tongue will always encounter strong opposition and cause problems for the unity of India,” he added. (ANI)