New Gawr Gura Anniversary Merchandise Revealed

Gawr Gura celebrated its “birthday” on June 20, 2022, and as is often the case with Hololive Vtubers, that means new merchandise. The final trick involves things like a rubber mat and a plushie of Gura dressed as a dinosaur. Pre-orders are open now, with items expected to ship between late December 2022 and late January 2023. Items can be purchased together in an $82 bundle or separately.

The Gawr Gura Anniversary Product Set consists of four physical items. People can get a rubber mat with Gura on it. The art is from Pan. It’s only $21. People can also get a bowl for $18. There’s also a fork and chopsticks for $18. Finally, the Dino Gura Plush is $24. It can be displayed with the hood up or down, and it stands just over seven and a half inches tall. As for the digital element, people get a birthday voice notification pack. It’s only $4. If someone receives the full set, they also receive a bonus postcard.

Gura also did a birthday stream for the occasion. At 19 minutes, she gave a small concert. This happened right after she hit four million subscribers.

Gawr Gura 2022 Anniversary merchandise will ship between December 2022 and January 2023. Pre-orders are open until July 25, 2022.