NEW virtual queue for runDisney Merchandise

Notice to runDisney fans! If you’re planning on stocking up on gear this year, you’ll want to make sure to take note of the new changes in place! With the start of shopping season, Disney has implemented a new system to help manage long lines of merchandise to get you in and out. Because who wants to wait in line when you could be enjoying the racing festivities?

Credit: Epicurean Traveler

Beginning with November’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon, guests will join a virtual queue to purchase gear on the first day of Expo. Waiting in a traditional queue will not be allowed, everyone will join the virtual queue which will essentially hold your place in the queue while you can enjoy all that runDisney Health & Fitness Expo has to offer. to offer !

Those familiar with the virtual queue will find it identical to others Disney has put in place before for popular attractions like Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy. For those unfamiliar, Disney has released a step-by-step chart to help you get acquainted ahead of the big event on November 3.

RunDisney Virtual Queue

Credit: Disney

While the Expo starts at 10:00 a.m., the virtual queue will begin to fill up at 7:30 a.m. Make sure you are ready at that time, because once the places are full, there is no guarantee that more places will become available later in the day.

Some other tips from Disney:

  • runDisney Gold and Platinum Club members do not need to join the virtual queue to access their first purchase windows on the first day of Expo.
  • Guests can join the virtual queue from the comfort of their hotel room or home, approximately 45 miles from the Walt Disney World property.
  • Each registered guest will receive a QR code to present for entry.
  • Virtual Queue is required for the runDisney Merchandise Shop on Thursday, November 3. Queues will not be available that day and all guests must use the virtual queue to enter.
  • Guests can organize boarding groups for a virtual attraction queue and a virtual queue for other applicable experiences, like runDisney Merchandise Shop.
  • Merchandise is subject to availability and stocks may run out.