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Government agencies, both state and federal, offer benefits that nonprofits can apply for. Foundations provide financial grants that fund the operations of nonprofit organizations to support their mission and purpose.

There are also large national nonprofits that provide both services and products to other nonprofits.

The National Association for Industrial Resource Exchange (NAEIR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists other 501(c)(3) charities. Each year, NAEIR sends a brochure to the nonprofit Resource Center explaining their giving program.

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NAEIR’s mission is to empower charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations through acts of generosity. NAEIR receives and stores excess inventory donated to them by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers across the United States. NAEIR redistributes this inventory to more than 15,000 schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations across America.

All merchandise received from NAEIR must be used by the receiving nonprofit organization and may not be bartered, traded, or sold. Last year, an inventory of $100 million in free goods was available to nonprofit organizations that have NAE member status.

How does this work?

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are accumulating large amounts of inventory in their warehouses due to overproduction, returns and discounted items.

They don’t want to throw away new, unsold, usable products. They also do not wish to flood the market with this merchandise, as this will harm and diminish new sales. For donors who choose to ship products to NAEIR, the IRS offers tax deductions as an incentive to continue their donations.

Who is eligible?

Churches, schools, and other nonprofit organizations can request and receive free merchandise. Eligible organizations must be nonprofit charities supported by public 501(c)(3) funds. A “determination letter” from the IRS is usually required before the goods can be shipped.

A nominal annual fee of $59 is required to join NAEIR. Contacting NAEIR is the best way to receive up-to-date member information. NAEIR can be reached by calling 800-562-0955 or emailing [email protected] The website is

Be sure to let NAERI know you discovered them through the nonprofit Citrus County Resource Center. By law, all merchandise donated to member nonprofits must be made available free of charge. There is no limit on the dollar amount of inventory recipients can receive. Some nonprofits have received more than $18,000 of available products per year.

What’s available?

The list of available goods is long. Products include: office and janitorial supplies, janitorial items, tools and hardware, classroom materials, apparel and footwear, software, toys, games and sporting goods, books, tapes and CDs, arts and crafts, personal care items and vacation items.

Florida State Archives indicate that there are over 800 non-profit organizations located within Citrus County’s borders and over 4,500 collectively by counties touching our county’s borders. It is the responsibility of any non-profit organization to investigate the suitability of receiving products available through NAEIR.

Call Patty Woolsey, Membership Coordinator, at 800-562-0955, ext. 3, and say that Dr. Herzog of the NonProfit Resource Center in Citrus County, Florida recommended the NAEIR.

Dr. Frederick J. Herzog is the founder and executive director of the NonProfit Resource Center in Citrus County. He can be reached by phone: 847-899-9000 or email: [email protected], visit online at the nonprofit resource