OtakuKart plans to enter merchandise sector, says CEO Sohel Moldharia : The Tribune India

OtakuKart, One of the news websites of entertainment to the most rapid growth, has now decided to engage in trade in goods. The website began as a forum for Indian otaku, responding to the deficit of the culture of anime peninsular. With rapid growth over the years, OtakuKart went ahead and expanded its coverage. Collecting millions of monthly traffic, the website now covers all possible facets of pop culture media. In order to expand its online presence already in full swing, OtakuKart now plans to embark on trade in goods.

CEO of OtakuKart, Sohel Moldharia recently announced his intention to venture into the merchandise market. This isn’t Otakukart’s first foray into commodity trading, however. The website has already tried its hand in the field, with significant success. In the form of its first-ever online anime merchandise store, OtakuRage, the company has served more than just countries outside of India. With an array of categories and an affordable price set, the online store has achieved huge milestones in terms of the total number of merchandise sold.

Some of the most popular categories that OtakuRage has offered in the past are One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Pokemon, and many more. The merch collection included anime t-shirts made from premium fabric, plush Pokemon hats, and face masks with pop culture symbols. The extensive online store also offered an eclectic range of anime and pop culture figurines, plush accessories, and collectibles.

Now, Otakukart is planning to make a comeback, which will also mark a fresh start in its product line. “OtakuKart has been making strides in the pop culture and entertainment industry for quite some time now. We started with humble beginnings and quickly grew to the point where we now compete with the biggest websites in the current affairs and pop culture entertainment,” Moldova said.

The CEO of OtakuKart added, “Throughout every phase of our growth, we have encountered strong demand for pop culture merchandise and apparel. In the past, we have sold merchandise in India and India. foreigner with multiple connections. It soon became clear to us that we had to venture into the commodity trade on our own and with greater capacity than ever before.”

Talking about future plans for the merchandise trading business, Sohel went on to say that the company plans to add to its previous foray into the market and expand its reach. “Through the point of sale provided by OtakuRage, we already have an infrastructure that allows us to dive into merchandise trading in a prepared manner. OtakuRage has served as an online merchandising apparel arm that caters to a Beyond that, it’s about diversifying our store into the offline space as well as expanding merchandise categories,” Sohel said.

OtakuKart’s foray into the merchandise business is past its seed stage, and according to the CEO, the company plans to enter the business well before the third quarter of 2022.