Outdoor Apparel Retailer Deploys Carousel Crowd to Promote In-Store Merchandise

Image courtesy of Sun & Ski Sports.

Sun & Ski Sports is rolling out Carousel Cloud across its organization to showcase the products and services it offers to its outdoor enthusiast customer base, according to a press release.

The Stafford, Texas-based specialty outdoor apparel, footwear and gear retailer leverages personalized, season-specific content from Carousel Cloud across its 32 stores in 12 states.

Sun & Ski Sports manages all marketing and creative efforts in-house, including in-store signage, email, social media, digital signage, website, print ads and video content distribution on the screens of its stores.

The retailer previously used a legacy video publishing process that required team members to deliver individual USB drives loaded with content to each store, said Robert Budnik Jr., director of brand marketing at Sun & Ski Sports, in the press release.

“We were mailing them to our 32 locations every few months,” he explained. “The amount of work involved in purchasing the USB drives, loading them with video content, then sending them out and following up with each store to ensure fresh content was uploaded before each season has become a logistical nightmare. “

This system was also inefficient when adapting specific content to each location.

“A store in Houston doesn’t need to receive local ski or bike rental content, but our resort stores like Colorado and Mammoth Lakes do,” he said. “I wanted a solution that would allow us to easily publish custom content tailored to each specific local market.”

Budnik first learned about Carousel Digital Signage solutions while working at another retailer and identified Carousel Cloud as the best solution for Sun & Ski Sports, with Apple TV players for playback. The retailer began testing Carousel Cloud at two locations in Texas and Maryland in fall 2021.

Approximately 95% of Sun & Ski Sports content is shown on consumer-facing screens that are positioned in each store. These screens display lifestyle and action images of people engaged in various outdoor activities throughout the year, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, water sports, biking, running on foot and more.

Each marketing campaign runs every four to six weeks, with two team members overseeing the development, scheduling and distribution of video content.

In the coming year, Sun & Ski Sports will install screens with Apple TV players in its headquarters. Carousel Cloud will push messaging for employees developed by different departments, including human resources, emphasizing the ease of use of the software for users of all skills.

“We no longer need to transfer files to USB sticks and if any issues arise, we can resolve them quickly from our centralized hub,” Budnik said. “We no longer need to accompany a local store manager to solve problems with unknown technology. Instead, we focus on executing the right content at the right time, and we have much more control over our message. and what our customers see on screen.”