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Peaky Blinders Season 6 is upon us, and Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is still the master of endless profiteering from on-the-go hustles, booze, and bets to… far more illegal things. The show itself has exploded in popularity in recent years, which means it has more of its own (non-counterfeit) merchandise that you can rock a flat cap encrusted with razor blades to.

No matter who your favorite character is, from Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) and Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) to Polly Shelby (the late Helen McCrory), there’s probably some merchandise out there to help you celebrate your fandom.

Sure, there are iconic costumes, caps and haircuts, but there are also the inevitable ties such as Peaky Blinders T-shirts for men and women, plus hoodies, hats, that iconic soundtrack, companion books, board games and computer games. Then there are more “on-brand” Shelby products, such as Peaky Blinders beer and lager, as well as whiskey, gin and even moonshine.

But that’s not all. Creator Steven Knight has revealed a whole host of Peaky Blinders spin-offs weaving through the universe, including a ballet – Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Tommy Shelby – in the same way Peaky Blinders: The Rise, an immersive theater experience, plus there are escape rooms, and in 2019 we were treated to an official Peaky Blinders festival, which may return one day, COVID permitting.

Oh, and don’t forget there’s gonna be a Peaky Blinders movie to replace season seven, plus potential spin-off TV shows, so we’ll dive into woozy plans for many years to come, it seems.

So whether you’re shopping for your dad on Father’s Day, or even for your mom this Mother’s Day (Aunt Pol would be proud), here are the coolest Peaky Blinders gifts that money can buy for him, or for her, or for anyone with a “red right hand”.

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Pre-Order: Peaky Blinders – The Complete Collection

What better way to start than with the TV show that created the phenomenon? This box set includes all six seasons of the show (a total of 36 peak hours woozy TV – as well as Amazon-exclusive art cards. It’ll cost you £59.99 on Blu-ray and £49.99 on DVD, and will be released on May 2, 2022.


The Peaky Blinders soundtrack



Peaky Blinders’ The soundtrack helped make the show instantly iconic with incredible modern bands on top of period drama. This soundtrack is available on CD and vinyl, including tracks from series 1 through 5 by the Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Laura Marling, Idles, Radiohead, Royal Blood, and of course, the title track “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave. There’s also Anna Calvi’s score from Series 5, as well as the original scores from the show’s soundtrack.


Peaky Blinders hat / cap

We wrote Peaky Blinders hat, but essentially it’s a flat cap – also known as a baker’s hat. Although we don’t think you’ll find a version with the sewn-in razor blade (and we don’t recommend making it yourself), there are plenty of places that sell woozystyle caps at a range of prices.


Peaky Blinders Costumes

If you want to help the wannabe Shelby in your life go all the way, you’ll want to watch Peaky Blinders suit. Sure, there are a million places you can buy suits, but nailing the show’s 1920s tweed look takes a bit more nuance. Besides costing a few hundred pounds.

To pull off the look, you’ll need a three-piece suit, ideally in tweed, checkered or textured blue, gray or brown. Also be sure to take a penny collar shirt. Oh, and if you’re feeling brave, book a haircut too.

First, check out Garrison Tailors, which is the official Peaky Blinders tailors, custom-made in collaboration with the show’s creator, Steven Knight. Just be warned, you’re watching £160 – £550.

Meanwhile, Etsy offers a host of bespoke options from many retailers, where you can also purchase accessories, like Tommy’s classic pocket watch chain for just €9.49.

As a general rule, if you’re spending a lot of money on a proper costume, it’s worth heading to a solid retailer such as Mr Porter or Reiss.


Peaky Blinders costume – Tommy Shelby



If you are considering something a little less high end and just want Peaky Blinders costume, then you can get this Tommy Shelby outfit from £41.99.


Peaky Blinders Costume – Arthur Shelby



And if you’re going as a duo, or are looking for a little more niche with your costume, why not try Tommy Shelby’s right-hand man and brother (red) with this Arthur Shelby costume from £49.99.


By Order of the Peaky Blinders: The Official Companion Book

This book launched in 2019 to coincide with the show’s fifth series and includes an introduction from creator Steven Knight, as well as interviews with the cast and crew on how he became such a phenomenon. By Order of the Peaky Blinders: The Official Companion Matt Allen’s book is now available in paperback and hardcover editions.


The Peaky Blinders Real Life Story Books

Broadcaster and historian Carl Chinn was born and raised in Birmingham and has written a series of books on the true history of the city’s most notorious gangs, such as the Peaky Blinders. You can also see Carl on the BBC iPlayer show, The Real Peaky Blinderswhich is available to watch now.


Peaky Blinders Escape Board Game

The first of many board games based on the show, this one is for 2-6 players and lasts around 90 minutes, with players building up stats like Charisma, Luck, Strength and Intelligence to rule Birmingham by investing in gin, guns or horse racing. as you build your empire. Very healthy, huh?

Copies of the Peaky Blinders Escape board games have become rarer than a smile on Tommy Shelby’s blue-eyed bonce. However, we managed to find a retailer that is not yet sold out. Zatu Games has the game in stock for €14.09 – so grab it before they sell out.


Peaky Blinders: Under New Management

just games


The current board game from the hit BBC show, Peaky Blinders: Under New Management is from Just Games, and similar to Escape, you can invest in many nefarious pursuits, while building your followers, completing missions, and accumulating your funds. You will just need to provide the Brummie accent yourself. Zatu has the best deal on this one at just £19.79.


Peaky Blinders Card Game: Faster Than The Truth

Steam Forged Games


This one is also selling out faster than the clandestine Shelby Prohibition gin.. Peaky Blinders: Faster Than Truth tasks 3-6 players to bluff their way to the top, you’ll need to collect five types of each resource to win, but you can either tell the truth or lie and steal from under other players’ noses, in the most pure Tommy Mastermind style. There are plenty of copies left on Amazon, but the cheapest we’ve found is via 365Games for £14.78.


Peaky Blinders Playing Cards



Pretty simple this one, just a deck of playing cards adorned with your favorite characters from Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle) to Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin). We’ll leave it up to you woozy-up procedures with whiskey and an appropriate soundtrack.


Peaky Blinders: The Shelby Company Negotiates


Peaky Blinders: Brain – Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Numerical curve


Peaky Blinders: Brain is the brand’s first video game launched in 2020, recording an average rating of 64% according to Metacritic. It’s an adventure and puzzle game, where you play as Tommy, Arthur, John, Ada, Polly and even a very young Finn, to implement the gang’s cunning plans. It’s considered canon by the show’s creators – but unfortunately there’s no official voice from the cast – and takes place before the first season, just after the boys return from France during World War I. It is available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Peaky Blinders Cocktail Book

By order (cocktail) of the Peaky Blinders! Yes, since Tommy Shelby and the rest of the clan are rarely seen without a drink in hand, it was inevitable that they would have their own cocktail book. You can expect recipes like the Birmingham Sour, Derby or Easy Dizzy and over forty other classic recipes across whisky, gin, rum, cognac and vodka. The book is currently on offer for just £10.85 on Amazon.


Official Peaky Blinders Cookbook

Yeah, we also don’t know why Tommy Shelby would have his own cookbook, especially since the character was never seen on-screen eating a tiny sprig of mint in season three. Nonetheless, this book compiles 50 recipes inspired by locations in the series, including The Garrison, the Eden Club, and Arrow House, with dishes ranging from family food to snacks, sandwiches, bar food, and canapes. There’s even one to recreate Alfie Solomons’ soda bread. Comfortable. The book is currently priced at £10.59 from Amazon.

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