Phillies merchandise flies off shelves in store, online

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Phillies merchandise continues to fly off the shelves now that the team is heading to the World Series. Josh Steinberg is the manager of the Michell and Ness store in Center City, which specializes in retro sports gear.

“Since the team went on the run, it’s been going on like crazy. So the shirts, like I said. The satin jackets, we can’t keep the Phillies gear in stock, so it’s very exciting,” Steinberg said.

That satin jacket he’s talking about is a blue and one of the store’s most popular items.

Customer Madison Woods is drawn to a two-tone rain jacket.

“I was originally here to give my boyfriend a birthday present because he said, ‘The equipment here is sick.’ And now that I’m walking around the store, I think I’m going to have something for me too,” Woods said.

It’s not just physical stores.

Online stores selling unique Phillies products are also seeing a surge in business.

Ryan Cassidy is the owner of Philly Goat, which sells a hoodie that says “The Bryce is Right”, in honor of MVP Bryce Haper.

“We’ve got shirts and hats sort of taking advantage, seizing the moment right now with all the ‘Dancing on My Own’ victory song that we have going on,” Cassidy said.

Other popular items include a “Ring the Bell” hoodie and a “High Hopes” t-shirt featuring a Liberty Bell silhouette.

“We like to say that wearing one of our shirts, because they’re so comfortable because they’re so ingrained in Philadelphia culture, feels like getting a hug from Mike Schmidt’s mustache,” Cassidy said. .

On another website, a “Grease the Poles” hoodie is on sale, after police took an unconventional step to deter excited fans from climbing traffic lights.