Protest Putin announces the launch of anti-Putin merchandise

AUSTIN, Texas, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Protest Putin announces new anti-Putin merchandise available on its website.

This pro-Ukrainian themed website aims to make a difference with its products. Given the millions of Ukrainians displaced in 2022 and the unfathomable damage to their home country, reconstruction will certainly require the collective effort of nation-state governments and ordinary citizens.

Protest Putin was created to help fill this gap in the form of products marked with sympathetic and/or slightly humorous design work. * Twenty-five percent (25%) of all sales profits will be donated directly to the Ukrainian government each month.

Inspiration behind the project

Protest Putin’s goal is to contribute to both the people and the country of Ukraine by attracting customers with its pro-Ukrainian products.

“What we see in Ukraine today is incredibly horrific and heartbreaking and many people are looking for ways to help. VPNs (virtual private networks) or renting Ukrainian Airbnbs with no real intention of occupying them,” said Michael Owen, founder of Protest Putin.

Protest Putin aims to work with the like-minded community to generate meaningful financial support for Ukraine. At the same time, customers will get a valuable product that can be used to inspire others. To further contribute to the cause, Protest Putin has hired an illustrator from Ukraine from April 2022 with the aim of continuously striving to achieve the desired goal. The intention is to continue to attract Ukrainian artists for future design work, thus helping on an individual level.

“I submitted the design work request through Upwork and was surprised by the number of Ukrainian illustrators interested in supporting the cause,” Owen said.

Some products

From hoodies to vinyl stickers, there’s something for every budget. Designs are continually being developed and should be released slowly over time.

For more information just press:

Michael Owen – Founder
[email protected]

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Facebook: @ProtestPutin

*Protest Putin uses the following link to provide donations to Ukraine:

Direct donations are also encouraged if customers do not wish to purchase merchandise. Donating directly to the Ukrainian government does not qualify for tax exemption as it is not a US-based charity.

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The “I stand with Ukraine” hoodie is a perfect way to show support for Ukraine while helping to help. This all-cotton hoodie softens over time.

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