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Backpacks, tote bags, gym bags, handbags, wallets, caps – you name it, and the Delhi Police have it in their new Ritu Beri-designed merchandise set. The designer, who has previously created uniforms for Indian Railways, describes designing for the police force as a “great honour” and “challenging task”, calling it one of the most interesting projects on which she worked.

Beri says, “We wanted to infuse new and powerful ideas into our designs to develop a sense of strength and purpose. At the same time, we wanted the designs to have a classic, timeless vibe, creating a sense of pride and honor.

Merchandise designed by Ritu Beri includes backpacks, totes, sports bags, purses, wallets and caps.

Since the Delhi Police have strong ties with young people, with their Twitter account being hugely popular among the masses, the designer remarked that the designs resonated with “people of all ages”. All items are khaki with red and blue stripes and the Delhi Police logo. Besides bags, the range also offers clothing, cufflinks, key rings and other fashion accessories. Merchandise will soon be available to the public, details of which are currently being planned.

She shares that “the officers have been very welcoming and helpful” giving her “valuable input and support throughout”. “Every step was well thought out and we researched the design, color and fabrics in detail,” says Beri, who informs us that she’s also pitched her ideas for a new range of uniforms. Without revealing too much, she reveals: “Designing uniforms for Indian police officers is a challenge given the seriousness of the work. The uniforms are inspired by the unwavering spirit of the Delhi Police personnel who defy extreme conditions while providing various services to the citizens. We took into account various factors such as seniority, job profile, comfort, functionality and weather, among other important parameters.

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