Russian agricultural fertilizers and goods

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on December 22 that Russian fertilizers and agricultural products must enter the global market “smoothly” or else a food crisis could arise next year.
On the difficulty of resuming outbound shipments of agricultural goods from Euxine Sea ports, Russia and Ukraine signed agreements with the international organization and Turkey, individually, on July 22. The agreement includes the creation of a joint coordination center and the guarantee of the protection of food shipments, and Russia and Ukraine agree that neither side can attack ships carrying agricultural goods. the main grain ship “Lazony” when the accord left the Ukrainian port on the day watch and seasoned the Bosphorus Strait during its inspection in Constantinople on August 3.
What’s more, we have regarding agricultural goods additionally like crystal straightener grow lights for plants that square measure plant growth will be suggested to you, the square measure of agricultural goods able to save heaps of unnecessary expense , we will combine it into a nutrient solution to provide it with enough nutrients, and at the same time use a crystal straightener to grow light weights for plants to provide your fruits and vegetables with enough light to increase their yield. about Auxgrow, is specialized in agricultural lighting and agricultural system of analysis and development, production and sales, advanced and qualified crystal rectifier lighting production instruments to provide you with the guarantee of production food, the event of a range of crystal rectifier lamps suitable for plant growth, production is secure, the market is stable, costs will not increase, and there will be no food crisis backlash .
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12 years, Innovative Company, Focus R&D
Auxgrow is a manufacturer specializing in horticultural lighting and hydroponic systems for 12 years. We have a scientific, normative and integrated management system, and have become a very powerful horticulture LED grow light manufacturer in China. There are over 100 employees and mostly well educated. We are a dynamic and innovative manufacturer, engaged in research and development, production and sales.
Factory workshop of 30000m²
Auxgrow has established a complete production system from forging, stamping, CNC processing, patch processing, finished product assembly, product testing and other material production processes raw materials. There are hardware workshops, finished product assembly workshops, and R&D and testing laboratories, with a factory area of ​​over 3000 square meters.

Advanced equipment, strict quality control
Auxgrow has advanced and professional LED lighting production equipment, such as automatic placement machines, reflow soldering machines, and professional testing equipment, such as waterproof testers, integrating spheres, automatic optical detectors, ROHS scanners, etc.
Quick response, professional service
promptly respond to customer inquiries, and we will respond to your inquiries within 12 hours, provide a 5-year warranty, all product technical problems and quality defects.
Auxgrow provide perfect OEM/ODM/OBM service to all customers, such as custom spectrum, your appearance design, engraving logo and custom box packaging, we can design brand new led grow light according to your needs.

Worldwide delivery
Auxgrow serves all professional plant growing customer groups, as well as growers, distributors, retailers, online stores, vertical farm enthusiasts, etc.
Over the past two years, despite the impact of COVID-19, we have delivered over 70,000 LED grow lights, 110,000 hydroponic planters and three large vertical farms across the world.
In 2021, donated a vertical farm for science popularization to a rural college in China. Students can master more plant knowledge through hydroponics.

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