Spread Group acquires shares in B2B commodity platform

Provider of personalized fashion and lifestyle products Spread Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Berlin-based B2B merchandise platform Mula.

He acquired an undisclosed number of shares in the start-up and provides the company with a growth budget “into the millions”.

Spread Group said the goal of the “long-term collaboration” is to offer clients of all sizes a broad portfolio of services that builds on the two companies’ existing offerings.

In addition to the individual design and production of high-quality corporate fashion and merchandising products, this also includes the digitization of existing internal processes on the customer side.

For example, the B2B digital merchandising platform can be used to provide support for onboarding processes, send automated gift boxes at specific times (e.g. birthdays or customer events) or put merchandise at the provision of a limited group of customers via white label online shops.

Both companies have complementary expertise and will work closely together on operational issues as well as on the further internationalization of Mula.

In particular, Mula should benefit from Spread Group’s global production and distribution infrastructure.

Julian de Grahl, CEO of Spread Group, said: “Mula and Spread Group are perfect partners; both companies operate in a customer-centric manner and have repeatedly demonstrated their innovative strength.

“The topic of sustainable corporate gifts has gained a lot of importance in recent years as a tool for building customer and employee loyalty. We create enormous added value for our customers by digitizing time-consuming manual processes in marketing, sales or HR departments, which can result in significant efficiency gains.

Marco Lawrenz, co-founder and CEO of Mula, which was founded in 2018, added: “We can’t imagine a better partner than Spread Group; 20 years of industry experience, market leader and active worldwide. In addition, known for its particular reliability in the market.

“At the same time, Spread Group can benefit from our extensive solutions for commodity user cases across all business areas. Thanks to this partnership, the digitization and automation of processes that are currently very manual, for example by integrating HR, marketing or sales software, we can bring real added value to companies of all sizes.

“Combining the expertise and services of both companies is a step into the future for the entire industry.”

Spread Group was founded in 2002 in Leipzig, Germany. With its Spreadshirt, Teamshirts and Spreadshop brands, it now operates five production sites in the US and Europe and has annual sales of over €175m (£151m).

Last year, Spreadshirt launched embroidery textile finishing for runs as low as one in all of its European markets after investing in Tajima machines.