Taking out the trash? Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap Merchandise Seems Sold Out in Trash Bags

With Kanye Westin high fashion, the last thing you expect is to see your clothes in a trash bag, at least not in public.

Last week, Ye posted another cryptic message on his Instagram account, which, judging by his social media history, will most likely be deleted soon.

“Look at the Children”

“Look at the Homeless”

“As the greatest source of inspiration for any design”

People had no idea what was in store for them when her latest Gap collection was released.

A Twitter post from “Little Miss” shows Gap selling the latest Yeezy merchandise in large trash bags. Social media users commented on the “look” of the clothes on the floor.

The tweet said a Gap associate explained that the Mercurial artist got upset when his clothes were — get ready for it — displayed on hangers. He would have said that a salesperson would not help you find your size, so it is the customer’s responsibility to find their size in the piles of oversized clothes.

Some people were a bit disgusted and shocked to see how the latest wares straight out of Ye’s creative mind were “sold” to customers.