The business owner is worried about rising fees; Alderman wants a specific ban on goods

For the second time this month, another Sandwich business owner offered his thoughts on the city’s annual license fee increase.

Jason Davis, one of the owners of Vinez Wine Bar, who is also seeking a full liquor license, has approached city councilors about the financial impact of increased fees on his business for game vendors and food trucks.

Sandwich Mayor Todd Latham responded to Davis’ opinion on food trucks.

There are 16 different categories of liquor license, some of which are not used among 33 permits. A category for liquor gift baskets has been open for 20 years.

Sandwich Alderman Bill Fritsch wanted to ban one type of liquor sale in the town, followed by Latham adding his input.

Whether to add new microbrewery, winery, and craft distillery licenses and fees is under review.

Additionally, Latham backed up his sanity by attracting commercial interest in the abandoned grain elevator on Route 34 that once had a microbrewery proposal. He said having the license and fees ready could speed up development for the current owner or a property developer.

In anticipation of warmer weather, the city council will also consider alfresco dining with alcohol service in beer gardens, Latham said.

The city attorney was instructed to review the various licenses and fees with a report to be submitted to the city council.

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