Thousands of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Merchandise Items Printed Saying “Jubbly” Instead

Thousands of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee merchandise were printed with an error.

A range of merchandise planned for Her Majesty’s Celebration later this year has been misprinted.

The inscription, instead, reads: “To commemorate the Platinum Jubbly”.

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Karl Baxter, CEO of Wholesale Clearance UK in Poole, has spoken out about the blunder of a Chinese company responsible for making the items.

It is believed to have affected up to 13,000 products.

“There will be no shortage of royal memorabilia to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as retailers have a long history of selling memorabilia on royal occasions,” he said.

“In classic Del Boy style, we naturally stepped in to help move Platinum ‘Jubbly’ stock.

“Memorabilia from previous royal occasions are often sought after by collectors, as they are a great excuse to go out and buy a piece of history that will increase in value over time.

“Plus, what could be more unique than our misprinted limited edition tableware?”

Andy White, of Wholesale Clearance, based in Poole, Dorset, told the PA News Agency: “It’s kind of fun.

“I think the online retailer rejected the articles pretty much right away, but in hindsight, with the exposure he’s getting, he probably wishes he hadn’t.

“Their loss will be someone else’s gain.”

The website added: “If you close your eyes, you can almost hear those immortal words from Britain’s favorite businessman echo through the corridors of Nelson Mandela House.

“But in typical Only Fools fashion, it’s not exactly as expected.”

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