TruCentive Adds Merchandise to Its Rewards Fulfillment and Delivery Platform

TruCentive Adds Merchandise to Its Rewards Fulfillment and Delivery Platform

Incentive Choice provides the flexibility to design programs that meet the needs of diverse audiences,” said Lori Laub, CEO and Co-Founder of TruCentive.

TruCentive, the all-in-one incentive delivery platform, has added merchandise to its catalog of incentive options. Marketing, HR and operations professionals can now combine the national gift cards and digital payments they use with thousands of physical merchandise options, ranging from technology to personal care items.

As organizations become more diverse, the preferences of employees, customers, prospects, and partners also increase. It is unlikely that offering a single article will satisfy everyone. TruCentive allows recipients to choose from the sender’s selection of merchandise, gift cards, and payment options. Senders can create delivery themes that match specific merchandise and gift cards tied to their program messaging. Whether it’s encouraging employee well-being with an activity-focused gift card and merchandise theme, or coffee for their home office, senders can provide options that resonate.

“Preferences have expanded as our organization has diversified.” According to Nancy Wilson, director of human resources at ABC, “Gifts are very personal to the recipients. Choosing between a physical gift or a gift card allows recipients to choose what best suits their gifting needs and behavior. It’s hard to know if anyone would rather use a gift card to invite friends over for dinner, pay for a kid’s violin lesson, or show off their new AirPods.

“The choice of incentives provides the flexibility to design programs that meet the needs of diverse audiences,” said Lori Laub, CEO and co-founder of TruCentive. “Different audiences respond better to well-aligned incentives; whether you’re giving an employee a birthday thank you or facilitating a clinical trial, TruCentive delivers impactful incentives with engaging options you select to match your message for an experience the recipient will remember.

Reliable delivery

TruCentive’s Address Confirmation feature enables reliable delivery by requiring recipients to provide their address before items are shipped to eliminate delivery guesswork. With more telecommuters, address confirmation ensures deliveries are scheduled with recipient convenience in mind.


As with all TruCentive deliveries, 100% of the value of unclaimed goods is automatically returned to the shipper’s account based on the time frame or expiration date selected. And since merchandise varies in price, any difference between the maximum value of all selections and the choice selected by the recipient also goes to the sender’s account.


TruCentive is committed to sustainability. We are, and always have been, a 100% virtual company giving us access to the best talent around the world. We deliver every incentive in real time to eliminate the need for inventory or waste associated with unclaimed incentives. All of our deliveries are digital or use world-class merchants with efficient delivery infrastructures to ensure we don’t add additional warehousing and repackaging.

About TruCentive

TruCentive, the all-in-one incentives platform, helps companies stand out by giving them new ways to engage with their employees, partners and customers. By integrating the delivery of merchandise, gift cards and payments, companies increase the efficiency of their existing programs and improve their relationships. With thousands of merchandise options, over 3,000 gift cards worldwide, Visa and MasterCard, payment options like debit card deposit, PayPal, and Venmo, and integrations with popular marketing, sales and HR; TruCentive is essential to the success of HR, demand generation, account-based, and customer experience programs.

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