Twitter launches Product Drops feature to let shoppers track new merchandise

Diving brief:

  • Continuing its experimentation with social commerce, Twitter has unveiled a Product Drops feature, which notifies users when sellers release new merchandise, the social network announced on Wednesday. For now, the feature is only available to US consumers who use Twitter in English on iOS devices.
  • If a brand tweets about an upcoming launch, Twitter users can select a “remind me” button and receive a notification 15 minutes before the product is released. From there, they’ll see a “buy on website” button that will redirect them to the seller’s e-commerce site, according to the ad.
  • Product information will be available when a seller tweets about a new drop, including product images, price, and a clickable hashtag to see what other users are saying about the product. Companies testing the Product Drops feature include Dior, The Home Depot and The Lego Group.

Overview of the dive:

With the rollout of Product Drops, Twitter joins other major social networks, including instagram, pinterest and Snapchat, developing its social commerce tools to meet the needs of brands and retailers. While the latest feature is limited to certain brands to begin with, Twitter said it plans to update and expand these features to more businesses and customers on its platform in the future.

“People come to Twitter every day to talk about products and product shipments. And merchants have been dropping products on Twitter for a long time without any native product support,” wrote Siddarth Rao, head of software engineering at Twitter, and Justin Hoang, product manager. in a corporate blog post. “We’re excited to change that and introduce new shopping features that help shoppers stay on top of the launches that matter most to them and give merchants another way to engage shoppers around big moments in products.”

Twitter came relatively late to social commerce. Last July, Twitter started testing its Shop module, a tool that allows businesses to display their products at the top of their Twitter profiles. The social media platform initially piloted it with US iOS users and several no-name brands. Since then, the company has made several more pushes into e-commerce. In November, the company typed Walmart for its first live shopping event during Cyber ​​Week.

This year, Twitter continued to develop new social commerce tools, including the Twitter Shops feature which allows merchants to display up to 50 products on the app. Twitter has piloted the tool with Verizon, Gay Pride Apparel, and Arden Cove, among others. In the spring, the company enlisted brands such as New Balance, Lexus and Bose to test its new advertising featureswhich includes the ability to view products in 3D and click a “Buy Now” button to purchase.

The market for shopping through social media apps is expected to grow. A Accenture report published in January project that social commerce will reach $1.2 trillion by 2025, a trend that will be driven primarily by Gen Z and millennial shoppers.