UK: Queen’s Jubilee: High quality merchandise printed with an embarrassing typo

Queen’s Jubilee: High quality merchandise printed with an embarrassing misspelling

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More than 10,000 pieces of porcelain tableware were mislabeled in a Chinese factory. They were intended to serve as a souvenir of the Queen’s 70th Jubilee.

February 6 will be a very special day for the British: it is when Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her incredible 70 years on the throne. No British monarch has done this before her. The event will only be celebrated in June, but then it will be in full swing: there will be celebrations in all major cities, and a monumental event in London. The British also benefit from an additional bank holiday.

70 years Queen: Great Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth

And as you already know from royal weddings or baptisms: of course, the trade in the corresponding goods started long ago. A British salesman had created a tea service for the day. The porcelain cup and plate set was to be decorated with a portrait of the Queen and the inscription: “In commemoration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II”. be decorated. However, when the ordered tea sets arrived from a factory in China, it must have come as a real shock to the man.

Queen’s Jubilee: Merchandise with a typo

Because instead of the English word “jubilee”, translated “anniversary”, the fancy word “jubbly” can be found on all cups and plates. Apparently there had been a misunderstanding in the ordering process and no one in the factory had checked the accuracy of the print again. Now there’s the merchant, with tons of crockery printed with a rather embarrassing error. He had ordered over 10,000 pieces.

The rescue came in the person of a wholesaler who bought the goods from him. His plan now is to offer the tea sets to the public at a discount – as rare collectibles. What works for stamps or coins could eventually work for China and one day make misspelled teacups a coveted and expensive coin.

Source: “BBC”

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