Where to buy Line Friends and BT21 products in Vancouver

Following their success in Toronto last year, PLAY LINE FRIENDS is making its West Coast debut at Metropolis at Metrotown. The collection will include merchandise featuring BT21, a character line curated by members of BTS, among others.

If you’re a die-hard fan of popular K-pop group BTS, you’re probably in shock over the group’s decision to temporarily part ways. But on the heels of this grim news comes a rather exciting announcement, at least for those in and around Burnaby.

A line of characters called BT21, inspired and curated by the singers of “Permission to Dance,” is coming to Metropolis in Metrotown on June 30.

BT21 features eight characters: Koya the sleepy, RJ the greedy, Shooky the prankster, Mang the dancer, the pure Chimmy, the curious soul Tata, the burly Cooky and the space robot Guardian Van.

The characters were introduced by LINE FRIENDS, the global character brand that originally made sticker characters for the Japanese messaging app Line, in 2011. The brand has grown so big that there is a LINE FRIENDS hotel in Macau, a theme park in Bangkok, and a store in Times Square in New York.

The PLAY LINE FRIENDS pop-up store in Metrotown will mark the brand’s West Coast debut. When the store opened in Toronto last year, customers waited more than 10 hours just to get in, according to a press release. Demand was so high that inventory sold out in three days.

The Burnaby location, a 4,000 square foot space (where the Disney store previously was – directly across from the Japanese retail store Muji), is double what it was in Toronto and will feature edition merchandise limited.

Shoppers can expect to see Vancouver-exclusive merchandise and popular LINE FRIENDS characters like Brown, Sally and Choco in addition to BT21 – as featured on the website of retail and style brand Sukoshi Mart of life who will manage the store in collaboration with PLAY LINE FRIENDS.

If you are among the first 300 customers to enter the store when it opens at 9 a.m. on June 30, you have a chance to win a free gift. Can’t come on opening day? Never mind, the pop-up will remain open until September 2022.