Where to find apples (locations and map) for the Marvelous Merchandise event

Players will need to find apple locations to craft recipes, complete requests, and complete the Marvelous Merchandise event in Genshin Impact.

There are some things players will always want to have close at hand in Genshin Impact. One is primogems to participate in the latest update banner.

But the other is apples. Apples can be used to complete in-game requests, leading to Primogems. They can also be used for recipes that can help provide buffs.

Or you can eat them to restore 300 life.

Whatever the reason, it’s always handy to have apples on hand. Here is where you can find and buy apples in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact Apple


Genshin Impact: apple tree locations + map

Players will be able to find apple trees scattered around Mondstadt or Bolai’s shop in Liyue.

Players will need to keep a good amount of apples in their inventory when Liben visits town during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

This event will allow players to fulfill requests for free Primogems. These requests usually involve the exchange of certain goods, which usually include apples.

Mondstadt will have apples scattered in trees or containers. Once you find one of these trees, you must interact with the apples to pick them.

Or you can hit the tree and knock them all down.

Here is a map of all Apple locations in Mondstadt:

Genshin Impact apple tree locations


Players can also purchase apples from Bolai, a merchant located in Liyue. Teleport to Liyue Port and head to the wooden docks. Bolai will be near a flower shop.

You can buy him 10 apples a day.

And if you’re looking for more free Primogems, you’re in luck! HoYovere will give players free primogems every week; you just need to buy them back!

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