Wings of Lace: Goods from around the world

As you stroll casually down 1st Street in the Netherlands, you’ll notice shiny delights and dazzling garments beautifully, yet strategically, displayed in the windows of Wings of Lace. Shop owner Kimberly Spagnola designs her displays specifically to attract strollers, because she knows they won’t be disappointed when they decide to enter.

Located just opposite Busey Brews at 75 East 1st Street in Nederland, Wings of Lace has been the first store there for six years now. However, Spagnola herself has been in the business since she was a teenager. Her name and brand have become a household name in Colorado as she has been operating here for over thirty years.

“I’m from Iowa. I started coming to Colorado when I was 12 with my good friend, whose sister owned a store in Gunnison,” Spignola said. The mountain-ear. “I started working in the store when I was 12 and fell in love with the business.”

“I loved the atmosphere and I loved the clothes; she used to take me to Denver to the merchandise store to help her shop, so I also learned at a young age. I loved being a trader and then a trader. I loved the people, the tourists, the locals; I loved dressing them up. I knew what I wanted to do. »

At the age of 20, Spagnola purchased the boutique where his love and education in the boutique business began. She moved Gunnison’s shop to Boulder, but soon realized that her business would thrive in a town like Nederland.

“I moved here and opened Denim and Lace in the small space where the bookstore is now,” Spagnola recalls. “Then I needed a bigger space because things were going great, and the A-frame, which is now the dispensary, became available and I immediately moved in and loved that space and I stayed there for 10 years.”

But Spagnola kept expanding its horizons, both for its own benefit and for the many clients it wanted to reach.

“I ended up selling denim and lace, then I expanded and started wholesale as Wings of Lace. I had a showroom in the merchandise store from Denver, so I was still living here and going back and forth during trade shows and weather and stuff.

“When I was in wholesale, I was meeting all these business owners all over Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico.” Spagnola explained how this company equipped her with the necessary connections to really skyrocket Wings of Lace’s inventory. And not only was her taste in handmade clothing and jewelry sought after, but she was also frequently hired by other companies for her services as a merchandise display artist.

“Since I’ve been there for so many years, I have tons of connections! I have a connection for Italian clothing, which is a big seller for us; we have something for everyone here,” Spagnola enthusiastically combs through her inventory, arranging each rack, dusting and wiping and lightly pushing things into place.Every object she touches has an origin and a story.

“I’m still involved in this shop, completely. I can walk in and notice what my employees have sold. There is always a reason for my madness,” she laughs.

Wings of Lace’s delicately arranged shelving and shelving showcase the boutique’s unique and melancholic inventory; filled with “unique clothing, jewelry and other rare treasures”. The menagerie of colors and textures showcases Spagnola’s ties to artisans in Italy, Bali and India, as well as American artisans who create vintage flannel shirts from upcycled garments.

Spagnola mentions how the COVID pandemic has caused many of its artisan relationships to slow production and, in many cases, limit their customer base. She is grateful to have built great relationships with these companies over the years, so she can continue to stock Wings of Lace with their original merchandise.

Spagnola recalls the pandemic being particularly hard on her.

“I closed for two months and my income fell to nothing. I’m self-employed, I’m on my own, so I had to deal with and call all the sales people, and manage all my personal accounts and my mortgage and sort that out.

Spagnola was able to survive by using FaceTime to connect with customers through the Wings of Lace Facebook page and browse the live store with them, selling them merchandise online.

“I reopened on Mother’s Day of 2020 and have just opened on the weekend under all orders, only allowing up to three people into the store at a time. I was opening every weekend and it was going well,” Spagnola said.

Shortly after Wings of Lace reopened, Spignola’s two dedicated employees, Elizabeth and Chris, returned and the shop was back full time.

“I have two excellent employees, I couldn’t ask for better. They’re a big part of why I’m still here. They know the rules, they know how to run the place while I do all the ordering, all the unboxing and pricing,” Spagnola said as she continued to float through each display, adjusting and cleaning.

“They hold the fort when I go to Italy, which is my retirement idea. I have friends and jobs I do there, and I bring back stuff. She suddenly stops and lightly touches a fine leather handbag. “Actually, I have to go to Florence to buy more leather bags; that whole rack was full and now it’s almost empty.

Having been in the business for as long as it has, and even with Italy calling, Spagnola isn’t ready to shut down Wings of Lace anytime soon.

“I will be here as long as possible in this building. Then I’ll probably sell everything and go to Italy,” she laughs.

It’s more than clear just by stepping into Wings of Lace and laying eyes on its curated and inviting displays that Spagnola cares about its shop, its merchandise, its employees and its customers. The same spark that was ignited in his 12-year-old self is still lit today.

“I have something for everyone, it’s a goal for me to keep things affordable and a price that really surprises people, it’s a small shop where people expect it’s expensive but it’s not,” Spagnola said passionately of him. store; mentioning how she always has discounted items as well as local discounts. “And I’m also going for quality! But it’s our customer service that sets us apart most of all; and we have the merchandise to follow that!

Wings of Lace is located at 75 East 1st Street in Nederland and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. Wings-of-Lace-Shop-589470421263112/.

Sponsored by the City of Nederland, with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.